Protect Your Blog with Multiple Streams of Everything

A lot of folks depend on just one stream of income for their websites and this is a terrible mistake. Others depend on one source of traffic and this is equally egregious.

Of course, you’ll always have one source that makes more money or drives more traffic than the others, and this is fine. BUT, absolutely do NOT ignore your other streams because one is doing so well. I can cite numerous cases of this being a terrible idea.

Here are some examples

First, I’ll start with myself. I used to make nearly all of my income from Amazon. Fortunately, I diversified, because in 2017 when they changed their terms for affiliates, my income from them dropped by 45%. Now, imagine that had been my only source of income. I would have been totally screwed if I’d had to take a pay cut of nearly half my income. Luckily, I had other sources that I could pay attention to so that my income remained relatively stable (a loss of about 15% instead of 45%.) I have friends who were not so lucky and went from 6 figures strictly from Amazon to less than $50,000 a year.

The same thing applies to traffic. I’ve seen people who ONLY rely on Facebook or ONLY rely on Pinterest lose everything when the algorithms change. Same goes for Google only or relying on one particular referral source. There is a fellow who will go unnamed who used to have a spot reserved for his links at the top of a popular alternative media aggregate site. When this guy and the owner of the aggregate site had a falling out, there was a huge, public hullabaloo in which the unnamed guy accused the owner of ruining his business by taking away the referrals. Of course, he had no one to blame but himself because this was his only source of traffic.

Recently, when the Facebook algorithm┬áchanged for the umpteenth time, a very big company was caught with their pants down. They’d made their┬ámark by posting cute little videos. In just a few days, Facebook had changed and people had to go to their site to see their content. It turned out, their content wasn’t very good in blog format and their profitable business was gone – snap – just like that.

We’ll delve into traffic more deeply in the future but the ONLY guaranteed way to reach people is through your email list, which is why it is essential that you build one and nurture it.

Planning multiple streams of everything

You need to create a plan with Multiple Streams of Everything, which is something I’ve been focusing on with the separate posts about income.

But for now, remember, you want:

    • Multiple streams of income
    • Multiple sources of traffic
    • Multiple ways to take payments from customers
    • Multiple contacts with the tech savvy to help you with a sudden problem
    • Multiple ways to reach out to your audience (blog posts, social media, email)

What’s your plan?

Let’s start creating plans unique to our sites. Tell me in the comments 3 ways you make money on your site (or plan to) and 3 ways you drive traffic.

Daisy Luther

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