How to Create Round-up Posts for Your Blog

Looking for great content that YOU don’t have to spend hours writing? Round-up posts are where it’s at. There are several ways to do a round-up post, and in this article, I’ll talk about three of them.

The Expert Round-up

Is there some hotly contested topic in your niche? Is there a subject that would make for a great discussion? Would you like other pros to share one specific kind of tip for your readers?

Now’s the time to reach out to other experts in the niche to get their input.

Have people in your niche answer a question and give it a headline like, “Want to make a million dollars? 12 Experts Tell Us How They Did It” or “10 Female Security Pros Tell Us What’s in Their Purse”

When you message or email the experts, be sure to let them know a little bit about your website, what your deadline is, how many words you need (keep your requirements short, like 150-300 words), and that you’ll be sharing a link to their website in your article.

There’s a nifty bonus to expert round-ups. Some of the experts you tapped may share your content with their own audiences. Once the article has been published, be certain to send the contributors a quick message thanking them and sharing the link to the article.

The Reader Round-up

I love reader round-ups because they make readers wildly enthusiastic about your website. I use these types of posts several times a month for easy, popular content.

Here are a few ideas for reader round-up topics. Ask:

  • How they solved a specific problem
  • How they got started with something, like a hobby, lifestyle, or weight loss plan (example)
  • What they speculate would happen “if” some event in the news occurred (example)
  • About their favorite books, movies, programs that are related to your niche (example, example, example)
  • The biggest lesson they learned about a specific topic
  • The best or worst thing that ever happened in relation to their niche
  • What their personal experiences have been in a group challenge (example)
  • Their best hacks for something, like weight loss, productivity, taming toddlers, etc.

How do you connect with your readers?  Try social media posts, emails to your lists, or Facebook groups to get the most participation.

When enough people have answered, either you or your VA can move the answers into a post draft. Then, all you have to do is then write an introduction and a conclusion.

When you post the article, be sure to share it everywhere that you asked for input. Your readers will love seeing their ideas in print.

The Link Round-up

This one is easy in that it doesn’t require the participation of others, but more work because you have to do all the writing.

  • Find a bunch of articles about one particular topic
  • Do a small write-up on each one.
  • Don’t share other blogger’s photos without permission – this will not win you any friends.
  • Link out to this content.
  • Include some of your own related content in the list for extra traffic (Intralinking for the win!)

When you post the article, be sure to send a link out to all the bloggers whose content you suggested and ask them to share it with their audiences.

Here’s an example of a link round-up I wrote about gardening on a budget.

Monetization of Round-up Posts

These are some of the easiest posts around to monetize.

  • You can share Amazon affiliate links in book, movie, and product roundups
  • You can add links to your own products
  • You can show people your personal collection of whats-its (Scroll to the end of this post where I show off my gardening books)
  • If your experts have affiliate products or books, you can link to those when you introduce them. Dixie Darlin’, the Author of Cooking Cupcakes (insert affiliate link here)

Always add some monetization to every post you put up, particularly if you aren’t selling your own products or with an advertising network yet.

Do you have any questions about round-up posts?

Talk about easy content, right?

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below. And feel free to share any of your own suggestions as well.

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